How to make money from knitting - the fastest way !

The Pattern Editing Workshop for Knitters - an Introduction

A workshop to help knitter's learn how to tech edit designer's patterns so that they can turn their knitting knowledge into a profitable business

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Do you ever wish you could make a profitable career out of knitting ?

Maybe you have  already tried to earn money from your knitting passion using some of the 'traditional' ways such as  .......................
  • Designing and selling your own patterns
  • Undertaking knitting commissions
  • Getting  patterns published in magazines
  • Writing a blog
  • Making  instructional videos on YouTube
Now don't get me wrong. Many people have created very successful businesses in these areas but I know that none of these quite worked for me - and I have tried most of them. 
Do you feel the same way?

Well my friend, I am going to let you in on a secret! THERE IS ANOTHER WAY... 
You can build a profitable, fulfilling career using your knitting knowledge - and in a much faster time than you might think! 
If you're new to me... nice to meet you! My name is Carol Ibbetson, and I'm a leading pattern editor in the knitting and crochet world.  

I have the honour of editing for some of the top names in the industry, including yarn companies such as Rowan, Stylecraft and Sirdar, magazines such as Let's Knit, Simply Knitting and The Knitter

But, How Did I Get Here?

It was only when I was knitting a blanket for a particular yarn company and found mistakes in the pattern (which I pointed out to them), that I first came across the term 'knitting tech editor' .
 'Oh thanks so much' they said, 'We have been looking for a tech editor for all the patterns in this book but we are having difficulty finding one... do you know any?'

Woah -  LIGHTBULB moment.........
I found out the basics of what a tech editor does and thought to myself 'I really could do that - this is what I have been looking for!' 
I did some more research and found that there was nobody out there who could really teach me about tech editing. So I decided to contact the yarn company and after a long chat with them we agreed that I would do some sample edits for them for free and if they were happy they would use me as a tech editor for this initial small publication. 

THAT WAS IT... I was off ... but not yet running !
The rate was small initially and believe me when I say there was not much help available at that time, but despite that, I knew it was something I could do well.  As I improved and got more confident, I secured more clients and after a long, steep learning curve I had created the business I always wanted. 

Fast forward a few years... 
I ditched my 9-5 in the IT industry and am now fully employed with my tech editing and training business and I have not looked back since. 

Remember when I said there was not much help available when I started out. 
Well that is about to change for you.....
I’m doing something I never imagined when I started 10 years ago. I’m helping other people who have the same passion as me for knitting and who want to run a profitable knitting business.

In short, I help people who don’t YET know how to be a tech editor to become one, get clients and run a business.

What if you could dip your toes into the tech editing world to see if you like it?

Here are three questions I often get asked.... 

  • Do you need to be good at maths? Well the answer is you have to be happy using arithmetic, but remember - this is not an exam - you are allowed to use calculators!
  • Do you have to knit each item? To which the answer is a definite no. A test knitter knits the item. A tech editor checks the pattern with a fine tooth comb to make sure it is correct, consistent, clear, concise, complete and in-style. 
  • Wow - that sounds fantastic - but don't you have to be a super advanced knitter to do that?  The answer to that question may surprise you. Think about it - just as there are different levels of complexity in knitting so there are different levels of complexity in patterns! It stands to reason right?  Many tech editors like to concentrate on the simpler items which is absolutely fine! You are in control of the work you take on as a tech editor and so you decide what level you want to work at in terms of pattern difficulty
It was while thinking about these questions, in particular the first one and the last one that I came up with the idea of running an introductory workshop based around the maths tech editors use and how they can tech edit just simple patterns to start with.   

AND SO WAS BORN......... 

The Pattern Editing Workshop for Knitters - an Introduction

A one week workshop to give knitter's the chance to have a go at tech editing & learn what it is all about, so that they can turn their knitting knowledge into a profitable business

Workshop dates: Jan 29th-2nd Feb 

What Is A Tech Editor?

This workshop is designed to help you get crystal clear on what a tech editor does and whether it is for you.

We will be covering some of the maths involved when you are checking whether a pattern is correct, and I will show you how to tech edit a simple pattern. By the end of our time together, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what tech editing is and be ready to go on to learn more, so you can finally stop thinking about starting that knitting business and actually start doing - by landing clients, making money, and living that freelancer life! 

Wouldn't you love to set your own working hours, work from home and create your own schedule based around KNITTING – that thing that no-one makes money from 😊 !?!?! 

Here is what some of my previous students have said about this workshop.

What resources do I get?

You get 5 hours of live training to take you from novice to advanced beginner level tech editor.  Each day I will be going live on Zoom. The sessions will be recorded and available to view later in the course portal if you can't make the live session.  I will be walking through real examples and you will have a short assignment to complete each day. 

You can chat to other people on the course via the Facebook group throughout the workshop. This is a great way to get feedback and feel part of a community of like-minded individuals. I will be on hand to answer questions throughout the course and will be running Q & A sessions

The course content will be available to you for the life of the course after the end of the workshop and includes all videos and downloadable materials.
DRUM ROLL PLEASE....... You can win your ticket money back just by being active and making friends!

What do we cover?

Day 1: Stitch and row checks 

We will be looking at the basics of pattern checking in terms of the maths involved with 'before' and 'after' checks on each row or round, as well as how to spot the original source of an error. 

We will also have some fun with a quiz  to reinforce the lesson. 

Day 2: Sizes and schematics

Today we move onto looking at sizes and how to work out widths and lengths from stitch and row counts and vice verce.  
There are a number of places in a pattern where you need to make sure the widths and lengths are correct, for instance - the length of the shaped area of a sleeve - is it compatible with the number of rows worked?
Another quiz will help your understanding.

Day 3: A REAL tech edit!!!

Today I will walk you through a real tech edit for a simple pattern, and how to mark up changes. 
It is very important that as a tech editor you allow the designer's voice to come through. You are not there to trample all over their pattern and suggest complete revisions in style. You are there to make sure the pattern is correct while keeping to their style as much as possible within your remit.

PLUS a whole host of additional bonuses, including… 

Bonus #1 Extra Live Session 1

EXTRA live session
So what's next?  Joining it all up

I will walk you through the next stages of becoming a tech editor and what else you need to consider so that you can decide if this is the best option for you.

Bonus #2 Extra Live Session 2

EXTRA live session - A day in the life of a Tech Editor + Special Guest

Take a sneak peak at what my typical day involves.....planning work,  tech editing, some designing (if I'm feeling creative) and coffee .... ! 
Oh - and the commute from upstairs to my office 😉 

Bonus #3 Workshop Resources

Knitting Glossary for Tech Editors

I'm handing over a complete list of useful information for any tech editor, including a full list of pattern terminology and standard size conversion charts so that you can get faster and more accurate results when tech editing.

Bonus #4 Reference Materials

Reference Materials for Tech Editors

I have a list of useful reference material for tech editors and I will be giving this list of books and websites to you so that you can speed up the process of getting clients and start earning money.

Bonus #5 Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to Training Materials

Each of our training sessions will be uploaded to your course portal, and you can revisit them whenever you want during the lifetime of the course, meaning that you have an invaluable resource to use as you build your tech editing business.

Bonus #6 Members Facebook Group

Members only Facebook Group

I will be on hand throughout the workshop to answer questions in the Members only pop-up Facebook group and you can chat to other people as well. This is a great way to get feedback and feel part of a community of like-minded individuals. 

Get the step-by-step training to begin developing your Tech Editing business for just £37 today! 

When you sign up for the Pattern Editing Workshop for Knitters - an Introduction, you'll get... 

  • A week to take you from novice to advanced beginner level tech editor
  • Access to the pop-up training Facebook Group where I'll be answering questions as you progress through the workshop
  • ​BONUS: Lifetime Access to the training recordings so you can revisit whenever you need to dive back into them 
  • ​BONUS: Extra Live session 1: I will walk you through the next stages of becoming a tech editor and what else you need to consider 
  • BONUS: Extra Live session 2: You will get a sneak peak at 'A Day in the Life of' a tech editor so that you really see the what the job entails.  
  • BONUS materials: Knitting Glossary for Tech editors 
  • ​​BONUS materials: Reference Material  for Tech editors 


Here Is My '10x Guarantee'

Yes, I 100% guarantee that you will love this workshop. 

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X the value of your workshop ticket (that's £370),  I will happily refund your investment in full. 
Remember, day 1 includes the live training session, and the bonus Knitting Glossary.

Email us by 8:59am BST time on Day 2 for a full refund. 

Sound fair?

Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other workshops

  I haven't set up a business yet. Is this for me?

Totally! This workshop is designed for those looking to start their business, and that's because you need to get the basics under your belt first.

  Where is this workshop happening?

The live sessions are all happening within Zoom and inside our pop-up Facebook group. You also have access to a training portal with all the resources used on the workshop.

  Will I be able to ask Carol questions?

Absolutely! I'll be available within the pop-up Facebook group to answer any questions you have throughout the workshop. I'll also be hosting a few Q&A sessions!

  What if I can’t make it live? 

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with lifetime access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you. 

However, I’ll be answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time if at all possible!

Hi, I’m Carol — Your Workshop Trainer

I have always loved knitting and for a long time I wanted to build a living around my hobby

I went into computer programming after university - which has stood me in good stead as a knitting tech editor- after all what is a knitting pattern if not a type of shortcut language - just like a computer program?

I finally left my 9 to 5 job in which I had lost interest after several years because my knitting business was growing fast.

Who would have believed I would set up my own business one day, and not only that - it is in the knitting industry where people think no-one can make money or would know how to!

Now I’m doing something I never imagined when I started 10 years ago. I’m helping other people who have the same passion as me for knitting and who want to run a profitable knitting business.

In short, I help people who don’t YET know how to be a tech editor to become one, get clients and run a business.
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